The Soil

Barrois limestones
Sedimentary limestone formed of a large amount of white pebbles (caillottes) in soil containing more or less clay. These soils are porous and of rapid warming, generally allowing an early maturi-ty of the grapes. These soils are often dry and poor requiring daily work of their structure.

Flinty Clay
It is made of white brown clay,and flint pebbles in its mass, covering the limestone plateaus of St. Andelain mounds, St. Laurent Abbey and Tracy-sur-Loire. A difficult soil to exploit because of its structure. It produces structured wines, firms, with a very developed mineral taste of flint.

Kimmeridgian marls
It covers most of the Pouilly vineyards, composed whether of clayey limestone and limestone rocks and sometimes fossils in different situations. The soils are generally slower to warm in the spring and require regular unpackings. It provides fruity and long length in the mouth.